GSoC update #3 GCompris – Align4

My project title reads “Port of GCompris in Qt Quick”. GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. The software is being rewritten in Qt Quick. The latest activity I ported was Align4 which is based on the famous Connect4 game. I made two versions of the game – Single player and Two player.

The biggest challenge here was to write the AI for the single player version. I love AI. 😀

In these two activities I had to account for a lot of bugs that popped up because of the various scenarios that could happen while in the activity. Here is how it looks!


The AI shows no mercy at times. Open challenge – Beat it 10 – 0. 😀




2 thoughts on “GSoC update #3 GCompris – Align4

  1. Eh, you are aware that the kde games already has an existing connect4 game with a working AI, right? No need to create a new one.

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