GSoC update #2: GCompris – Football

Hello! This is my second update regarding my progress in GSoC. Not sure if the first one made it here. (look here)

I ported an activity called Football previously called Billard. This is how it looked initially:


And this is how the new activity renamed as Football looks. The blue rectangle is the goal. And Tux is the goalie. To make the ball move a “click and drag” is done to launch the ball in the opposite direction.


And Tux becomes bigger with the levels. 😀


P.S: The FIFA world cup is almost here. Can’t wait! Cheers! 😀

2 thoughts on “GSoC update #2: GCompris – Football

  1. So, the game is called soccer but for some reason was called Billard in-game and now it was renamed football. What’s going on…

    Of course, I’m just kidding. GCompris is really looking impressive. You guys did an amazing job.

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